GSoC 2019: Final work summary

The main task of my project was to implement a more consistent UI for phpMyAdmin. This was achieved by applying bootstrap4 classes to the code an making corresponding changes in css files. Weekly posts regarding my work are listed below:->>>>>>>>> The following PR’s were opened by […]

GSoC PMA:week8

Table classes have been added to the remaining pages of pma.Done with applying form related classes to elements of forms like ‘form-control’ to ‘legends’ and ‘select’ , ‘form-check, form-check-input, form-check-label’ to the ‘divs, checkboxes, associated labels’ respectively , etc.The work can be seen in the following PR.->

GSoC PMA:week7

I completed with applying the table classes across all the server pages and making the required/relative css changes too.The following PR was made.-> bootstrap table classes added to all classesNext, I begin with adding form classes and adding table classes to other pages than server.A PR related to form classes will be soon opened by […]

GSoC PMA: week6

I completed adding card classes to all the remaining pages.Next main elements that I found on the pages were forms and tables.I started working on tables and applied required classes to the tables across the pages.This required changes in css also like need of the class “data” was completely eliminated.So I also applied the required […]

GSoC PMA: Week 5

As I’d decided with mauricio that I will apply bootstrap classes on the individual elements across different pages once I finish with the basic layout(grid structure), I’ve started working on that line. I have applied form classes to the login page. The following PR addresses the same. Bootstrap card classes have also been added to […]

GSoC PMA:week1

Nupur Agrawal I discussed with mauricio about how to start and implement the things and we decided to implement grid structure for all the pages first.So I started with the login page and home page and got it worked out there.-> -> The main idea was to apply container class to the page_contents and […]

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