GSoC 2019: Final work summary

The main task of my project was to implement a more consistent UI for phpMyAdmin. This was achieved by applying bootstrap4 classes to the code an making corresponding changes in css files. Weekly posts regarding my work are listed below:->>>>>>>>> The following PR’s were opened by …

GSoC PMA:week8

Table classes have been added to the remaining pages of pma.Done with applying form related classes to elements of forms like ‘form-control’ to ‘legends’ and ‘select’ , ‘form-check, form-check-input, form-check-label’ to the ‘divs, checkboxes, associated labels’ respectively , etc.The work can be seen in the following PR.->

GSoC PMA: Week 5

As I’d decided with mauricio that I will apply bootstrap classes on the individual elements across different pages once I finish with the basic layout(grid structure), I’ve started working on that line. I have applied form classes to the login page. The following PR addresses the same. Bootstrap card classes have also been added to …

GSoC PMA:week1

Nupur Agrawal I discussed with mauricio about how to start and implement the things and we decided to implement grid structure for all the pages first.So I started with the login page and home page and got it worked out there.-> -> The main idea was to apply container class to the page_contents and …

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